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Fees Refund Policy

Cancellation / Refund Policy of Fees

While the admission process of the learner is complete in Chaitanya in Narayana IIT & Medical Academy, no refund of fees to the student would be entertained.

Registration fee will not be refunded in any case. Once the parents / guardian intimate the CIMA in Cuttack writing and apply for the transfer certificate / cancellation of admission for his / her ward, parents / guardian should clear all dues up to the current quarterThe security deposit will be adjusted with dues. If any scholarship is offered at the time of admission parents / guardian must deposit scholarship amount at the time of leaving the CIMA. The CIMA is not liable to return the amount paid at the time of admission under any circumstances, whether the student has attended the classes or not from the beginning of the session.

Once the new session commences, the security deposit will only be refunded if the tuition fee and Hostel fee if applicable up to the relevant quarter is paid. Otherwise, it will be considered as forfeited.

Cancellation by the Parent 

If  a parent chooses to withdraw the admission of the student from the CIMA for any reason whatsoever,  no refund of the amount paid would be given back.

If for any reason, the parent/student has paid in excess of the required amount at any time throughout the academic session either by draft, credit/debit card, Cheque, Electronic Fund Transfer or cash, the excess fee amount collected would be modified against the subsequent term payments.

Cancellation by Chaitanya in Narayana IIT & Medical Academy

If situations cause Chaitanya in Narayana IIT & Medical Academy to cancel the admission, the CIMA will notify the student/parent concerned regarding the reasons for cancellation.

In the possibility of the case for cancellation of admission being found legitimate and genuine, the CIMA will refund the fees (amount to be regarded as per case) to the / student using a cancelled Cheque in Favour of the name of the parent.

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